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The "Dark-Side" of American Politics: Dog Talks

by Half-Lady Lisa

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This is "A Children Book for Adults Only!"

"This story is NOT written in the purpose of blaming any particular politician or any person working in politics or any particular political party. The purpose is to present another perspective of American politics in general.

Often, the dark-side of American politics is seen in most political elections. Their nasty campaigns is one easy example, they bring to light the nasty personal secret life of their opponents. Just to win the election, they will do and say anything (for their huge benefits/power gains). It is ironic, are Americans now living under the political business?

"The "Dark-Side" of American Politics" is not presented in the same way as normally seen in many political books. However, never-before created--it is presenting a unique indie story-- combining together the contradiction of children and political 'dark-side' stories. A little girl--cute and innocent, has brought a dog from a pet store into her house. As they both also live under the "dark-side" of American politics (like we all are), a young and fresh depiction of the governor's little daughter and her dog's story is stained by the uncompromised nasty attack by her dad's secret infidelity."

Once again, Warning: "Keep this book away from your kid(s)".

"Breezy read, enjoyable light fiction, (August 26, 2009)

This is an enjoyable read. The author has a natural gift for storytelling, and the book displays this raw talent well.
The book is about an allegory about a dog who comes to the US and what he finds when he gets here. The fantasy acts as a platform to explore issues related to immigration, sex, fidelity, and fair treatment for all people, regardless of who they are and where they find themselves in life. It works very well.
The author makes her points smartly, building up to the conclusion without being heavy handed or preachy. The author shows real insight into people and how and why they act the way they do. She gives the book a level of charm, nicely balanced plot and makes her points while keeping the book a light read. I liked it a lot. "

-- R. Hunt (New York City)

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