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Midnight Life in Chinatown

Based upon true story of a group of transgender prostitutes working in Boston

by Half-Lady Lisa

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The ‘Midnight Life in Chinatown’ is written after an article on Boston Herald on July 7, 2008 about cracking down prostitution which emphasized unfairly only transgender. On July 17, 2008, an article on Bay Windows gave a response to that article was insulting all trans-genders regardless on the causes of doing the prostitution, for example the economy reason.

It would be difficult for ones to understand why someone chooses his/her way of life in the prostitution when they are the outsiders who don’t know the reasons behind the necessary. If economy is the main reason of doing prostitution, as people understand, for a transgender it’s just a little part of all.

If in the midnight is cold and silent, the midnight of the Boston’s Chinatown’s story will wake you up with fiery and fun depiction. At the beginning, Angelina, Nicole, Jessica, Paris and Lilly—a group of transgender prostitutes (in the story), are telling you their intense stories chapter by chapter, far beyond the general knowledge of the life of nightly working girls. Their lives, day after day, are put in the risky business’s games and tricks, yet unprotected by law even though when they are the victim of crimes. Tactics from clients in trying to take advantage of their services without realizing that this group of transgenders is struggling to survive will make you laugh with sympathy.

In the end, unexpected, the funniest part of the story is ended with the unique strategy of a famous detective undercover in spying the prostitutes into a transgender nightclub until it becomes chaotic and noisy.

"I loved this book. Lisa is a fresh and honest voice. She opened the kimono and took me inside her hidden world. I came away with a new respect and sympathy for the difficulties of a transgender prostitute's life. The stories are also very funny and full of humor and emotion. A great read."
-- Marc K

This book is a MUST read!!!!
"Chinatown" gives an in-depth, real-life look at the lives and struggles in the TG world!!! I couldn't put it down!" - Dnmasser

"Good, Good Story,
With no prejudice, this story is well-told and helps one understand what life would belike in darkness. It isn't a life anyone chooses to live, but inequality of opportunity in society sets the destiny of life for most people. It is an inevitable fate, but they have to fight it night after night. Another great story by Lisa and again she is hilarious." - B. Mark

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