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Types of bottom boys

May 23, 2012

A part of men’s body I like looking at, while many women may look across it, is their legs.

If you see a man who you have never had sex with him, can you tell whether he is a top or bottom? As having long sexual experiences with many men who have different types of body, for some men I think I am able to guess their sexual positions.

If asking people about ‘being bottom’, what most people can tell you would not be more than ‘getting fucked in the ass’. However, bottom boys (men who are bottom are called bottom boys) are different and variety.

If you have chubby legs (not because you are overweight but by comparing the proportion of your body, your legs are considered too chubby) and normally men’s legs are hairy, but your legs are so smooth, moreover your big ass contains fat (when you press your fingers on your butt cheeks, you feel that it is so soft like a tempurpedic mattress), you must know that you are a bottom boy.

However, it doesn’t mean that men who have skinny legs and small butt can’t be bottom. Sometimes being bottom can happen overtime. I find that after prostrate cancer surgery, many men may want to change their sexual position from top to bottom. Other cases, for example, some men find that when getting older, being bottom becomes easier. Taking drugs can also be the cause of being bottom. Men who take steroid, when stop exercising, body muscles are looser, may have fun being bottom than being top.

Being bottom can also be involved with races, for example, more Irish men enjoy being bottom than Indian men. Indian men in this case, I mean, Indian men who are originally from India, not half Indian American because mix racial Indian + American may not have sex the same way as traditional Indian men, especially mix racial men who have different types of body from original race and eat different kinds (and amount) of spices can result to having different sexual styles. Irish men’s ass rings normally are looser than Indian men’s. Indian men’s ass rings are extremely tight. I couldn’t think about any race that men would have tighter ass than Indian men. Convincing Irish men to be bottom is easier than other races, in contrast convincing an Indian man to be bottom is the most difficult, comparing to other races.

I used to ask some bottom boys—‘how do you know the first time that you may enjoy being bottom?’ They told me that they have a feeling. “What the feeling is like?”—I asked. “Like having a clitoris inside the ass”—a man said, “when you touch my penis, I feel less than you touch my fingers but inside my ass is like having something budging.”

Another way to know a man might be a bottom is: when you penetrate your fingers in his ass, it doesn’t cause him to lose his erection (except, he already has erectile dysfunction), he is a bottom boy. For most bottom boys getting fucked can also help them ejaculate faster. On the other hand, if penetrating causes his erection fail and perhaps it may also cause him to lose ability to achieve ejaculation -- he is not a bottom boy. However, if he still enjoys being bottom, it means that pain is his pleasure.

Normally, when you insert your fingers inside an ass, first your fingers will touch, not his poop, but something a sphere-like. However, for some asses, inserting your fingers inside them feels like shooting a rocket out of space, you find a big empty room—this might be higher possibility in being bottom.

How tight of ass rings sometimes can tell who might be a bottom boy. In your commonsense, you may think that too-loose ass ring is better in serving as a bottom, while in opposite too-tight ass is a top—you are halfway right. Think like ass ring is a rubber band, for white American male, too-loose ass ring means that your two fingers penetrating in don’t feel tight at all, but too-tight ass ring makes you feel like a rubber band ties tightly your two fingers, and hard for two fingers to penetrate in (I use two fingers for my standard measurement)—mostly both too-tight and too-loose asses enjoy being bottom (however, this theory may be unable to use with other races, especially Asian and Muslim men because they have different levels of elasticity of their ass rings from white American). Normal-tight ass ring can't be used to identify whether the person would be top or bottom.

For some men, penis and ass are connected together like a circuit. While you are performing an oral sex to a man, his legs slowly lift up above the bed, higher and higher as he feels good—you must know that he is a bottom boy. Like a circuit, the feeling from getting sucked doesn’t stay on his penis, but generate sensuous feeling to the other end.

Another type of bottom boys is called bottom slut. I think most women don’t want to be called a slut, but believe or not there are many men want to be a slut more than women—that’s why men like calling women a slut as actually they want to call themselves. Bottom slut has special characters which are: a man always moves his ass in circular motion every time he is being penetrated. If telling him—“don’t move your ass!”, bottom-slut boys will say one thing, it may come from their commonsense, that “it is fun,”—they never say other things else, besides this. Besides moving their ass in circular motion, other common characters are: they like wearing thongs, they feel turn on by being called ‘slut / slave’ and they are very submissive in bed.

Bottom boys are not necessary to look / act feminine or are gay men. Some bottom boys can also be straight men who are extremely masculine—this is called aggressive bottom.

Aggressive bottom are found very rare. Most of them work in tough jobs such as construction workers, etc. They enjoy being hammered in the ass and as hard as his sexual partner can do by such a 12-inch-long giant dildo. In their secret sexual fantasy, they love being bullied / assaulted / humiliated; however, in their real life they can be oposite because when they choose to bully others, they expect to get the same in return (to satisfy their sexual fantasy.) Therefore, some men love being bad boys because it might be their sexual fantasy that they love being bullied / dominated. Aggressive bottom often asks his partner for such—“fuck me until I have to be sent to the hospital!” They also enjoy having their sexual partners play very rough and pull their balls hard —Don’t think that aggressive men can’t act like a boy!


(Total 100 points)

1) True or False: straight men are only top and gay men are only bottom (5 points)

2) True or False: Francesca, from Half-Lady Lisa’s book—The Complications of Love, is a male to female transgender. As she looks very feminine, you immediately make a conclusion that she must be only bottom. (5 points)

3) Who would be the first person to file for bankruptcy? (10 points)
a.) Steven tries to sell a dildo to an Irish man.
b.) Jeff tries to sell a dildo to a Brazilian man.
c.) Mike tries to sell a dildo to an Indian man.
d.) Everyone should get some money when the dildo is on sale.

4) You are at a sex toy store and are looking to buy a perfect birthday gift for your grandfather who now turns 60 years old, having a prostrate cancer surgery in the past and having erectile dysfunction. What is the perfect birthday gift should be? (10 points)
a.) A vibrate dildo
b.) Domination gear
c.) Lubrication
d.) a. and c. are correct

5) (Here is a trick question.) Which information is not enough to tell that the person is a bottom boy? (20 points)
a.) Your friend, Billy, tells you that he always pays for custom pants because his legs are too chubby to fit in standard sizes sold in stores.
b.) Your friend, Tim, love wearing thongs as he is very proud of his round bubble butt.
c.) Your friend, Jack, has anal ring problem: he is unable to hold his poop; it leaks out right away every time before he gets inside the restroom.
d.) Your friend, Thomas, talks to his wife one night that the dildo might be too small. Now, it should be the time to buy a new bigger one.

6) You accidentally met your aunt one day at a home depot store. You asked her that why she had to buy a long rope for. She told you that—“your uncle moves his ass all the time while I am fucking him with a dildo. So I need a rope to tie his ass to the bed, otherwise his ass would be unrest all night.” From this story, you must know that your uncle is … (10 points)
a.) Bottom slut
b.) Aggressive bottom
c.) A top only
d.) An Indian citizen

7) Who must be a bottom? (10 points)
a.) You accidentally discover that your uncle has many thong collections in his size hidden under his bed.
b.) At the gym, you hear your friend discuss with his personal trainer that the TV show—Biggest Loser, has rejected him to be on their show as he isn’t an overweight person, even though he tries to convince the producer that he has chubby legs and fat ass.
c.) Tony always lifts his legs up slowly, higher and higher as he feels good while his partner is sucking on his cock.
d.) All of above are bottom boys.

8) Which of these sports implements being bottom? (15 points)
a.) Swim
b.) Cycling
c.) Baseball
d.) Tennis

9) IF one of these people is an aggressive bottom, who is the most likely to be? (15 points)
a.) Miss RuPaul from her show RuPaul’s drag race
b.) Carson Kressley from the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
c.) Richard Simmons, aerobic dance instructor for women
d.) Whitey Bulger, a serial killer

© 2012, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.