Cain's border

December 12, 2011

Mr. Cain is running for President. In an interview in front of his house, reporters ask him questions.

Reporter: what is your policy on illegal immigrants?

Mr. Cain: I want to build an electric fence with a sign—“if you walk across the fence, you will be shocked to dead!” However, no one support my electric-fence idea as much as my wife.

Reporter: Why does your wife love your electric-fence idea very much?

Mr. Cain: Because I had affairs with many women in the past, now my wife has built electric fence around the house, with a warning sign for me — ‘if I walk across the fence, I will be shocked to dead.’

Reporter: And why do you stop your campaign?

Mr. Cain: Because I can't walk across this high voltage fence!

Meanwhile, a group of Cain’s women who haven’t seen him for a while come and yell calling him in front of his house.

Women: Mr. Cain, come out here, we are waiting for you.

Mr. Cain yells responding: No, I Cain’t.

Women: Yes, you Cain.

Mr. Cain: No, I Cain’t!

Reporter: Mr. Cain, would your wife shut down the electric sometime to let you go out and buy some food?

Mr. Cain: No! But don’t worry because now I learn how to grow some vegetables on my backyard and I will be the first American farm boy.

Reporter: Can you? That’s the hard work!

Mr. Cain: Yes, I Cain.

Reporter: what kind of vegetable have you grown the most on your backyard?

Mr. Cain: Ginger.

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