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Celebrities’ healthy sex life

‘How good Anthony Weiner is, when he appears as a life-guard,’ that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be thinking right now when Anthony’s nude pics sweep the media away from Arnold’s house to his house. This used to happen many times in the past, such as when Jesse James’s sexual allegation became a safeguard for Tiger Woods by rescuing him just in time. Women would only hope that male celebrities would not be playing a new sex game—as a team, sending a ball around to help each other, while the media enjoy running around to catch the ball from one house to another where the ball falls into.

What women don’t understand is why do men cheat? What they often hear (mostly from psychologists) is that any male celebrity who is involved in hooking-up with other women, besides his wife, whether he did once or many times and whether he is involved with one woman or many women, he is called a ‘SEX ADDICT’—knowing that he needs help from a psychologist or needs to take a short vacation at a rehab clinic.

Do psychologists come to their conclusion too easily when they are ignorant of other circumstances that take place behind the closed doors of a marriage? And how many times does a man have to engage in having sex or at which sexual level is he called ‘sex addicted’, psychologists haven’t made it clear yet. In the case of Anthony Weiner, he doesn’t even have sex with other women, only sending email messages? Suppose that a man has sex with only his wife, everyday, yet three times a day (means that he has sex 1,095 times/year), does he have sex often enough to be called a sex addict? Moreover, some psychologists try to connect the male celebrities’ sexual affairs to their power and success which leads to their sexual addictions. This absolutely isn’t true because many low income and middleclass men (also perhaps some married women) are also involved in cheating, only they never appear in the media (television, newspapers, magazines, etc.). Working-class men also are known to hire sex workers/escorts more frequently than celebrities do, because celebrities have to worry about their fames and careers, while low income and middleclass people are free from paparazzi.

The term ‘sex addiction’ makes me think about a murder case when a defense lawyer tries to proof his client suffers from mental insanity to reduce his penalty/prison time. Have psychologists actually created the term sexual addiction to help rescue celebrities’ image in the same way as the lawyer’s have used an insanity plea in a murder case? IF this is true, it means that the sex addiction is actually a psychologists’ product to help them pull out big cash from healthy, normal celebrities’ bank accounts and societies are fooled by the psychologists’ diagnosis of sexual addiction.

In the case of drug addiction, unlike sexual addiction, people who are drug addicted can/do overdose until they die. Their bodies don’t tell them to stop but only tell them that they need more, even though they take drug over the limit that their bodies are able to handle. Sexual activity, however, is limited by the body and sexual emotion. I have never heard any man yell for help with that “A psychologist helps me, please. I have masturbated continuously for six days already! Please help me now, I can’t take my hand off of my penis. I am going to pass out right now. I can’t stop jerking off…” After a man ejaculated, he loses his sexual emotion—this means that he may not be able to maintain an erection. He will also lose his sexual excitement in order to continue having another sex round and he may not be able to ejaculate again until his body regains more sexual emotion. Some men who have healthy bodies may be able to ejaculate more than once, but they will stop when their body tells them to stop—as their bullets are empty. No one continues having sex over their body’s limitations, until he dies, with his hand still holding onto his penis (except, the case of having a heart attack, people who have heart attacks are not necessary to have sex a lot but their unhealthy physical condition causes their death). However, unlike having sex, some men who are drug addicted can die from a drug overdose, while their hand is still holding the needle. If you ask every man who has just ejaculated and lost his sexual desire “Can you cum again?” Every man will say—“No, I can’t. I have to wait a little while until I am able to cum again.” So, sex can not be included as a case of ‘addiction’.

In infidelity cases, the mistakes made by men are easily seen by the public so the public only blames men. However, in some cases, women withhold sex and cause men to become adulterous. Many married men have told me that they haven’t had sex with their wives for many years. When asked—“is it because you don’t want to have sex with your wife anymore?”, almost every man replies—“no, I still want to have sex with my wife but she gave up on sex a long time ago.” Lack of a healthy sex life, for both men and women, can cause them to become moody and despondent; this is especially true for men who genetically have higher sexual desires than women. The ill temper can lead to fighting within the family; sometimes a little problem can cause a major fight. Therefore, men choose to solve their sex problems by having sex with other women. After releasing the sexual stress, their emotions become more stable. At home, when family problems arise, men often keep quiet—then their family problems are solved. However, when male celebrities make a public apology, they simply admit that it is strictly their fault because if they tell the truth and admit that they don’t enjoy having sex with their wives anymore, it will cause them even greater problems, as the public will condemn them as not gentlemen for blaming their problems on their wives. Moreover, they would be more embarrassed by revealing their unsatisfied sex life; their wife and kids would also be embarrassed so men choose to tie-up their tongues as the best solution to their problem.

To solve an infidelity case, both husband and wife need to work together. Instead of sending the husband to rehab, they need to talk together such as why they don’t enjoy having sex together anymore. Is it because he has bad breath so kissing him makes her feel disgusting? Or has his/her appearance changed dramatically after just a few years of their marriage? Or doesn’t she enjoy sucking his cock anymore, like when she used to do before marriage—and why is that? ...

If sex plays a big role in marriage, a big mistake that causes cheating can be making the wrong choice for a sexual partner, or in another phrase their sexual fantasies cannot be achieved. Believe it or not, many men don’t know their sexual fantasies.

If asking what type of woman, Tiger Woods prefers to have sex with, many people would guess that he likes white girls with blonde hair, as this appearance is commonly seen in his ex-wife and mistresses. However, if he married the right person, and Elin still looks young and her hair still blonde and shiny, why does Tiger Woods have to search for other white, blonde women?

If you had all Tiger’s mistresses and Elin sit next to each other unmoving, all have a common appearance and that’s why people simply guess that he likes white and blonde colors. However, when all the women begin to move, you will see the difference that Elin is too calm while other mistresses still have the same character that they are more provocative. Elin had never even yelled to paparazzi, while Tiger Woods’ mistresses seem to be fearless in confronting the media. If you let them fight each other, I would guess that Elin would simply walk away from the others quietly. So, white and blonde become secondary.

When I heard that Arnold’s mistress used to work as a maid in his house, I thought about maid’s sexual uniform—the type that is often sold in many sex stores—a maid fantasy is one of the most popular of men’s sexual fantasies, only Arnold doesn’t need to buy the costume for his mistress as she always appears real to believe she is. Men who love a maid fantasy, love performing as an emperor, when they are in bed. They also love being treated and pampered by their maid partners. But I don’t know whether actually Arnold loves being pampered because in his real life he chose to marry an elegant woman?

Hugh Grant, an elegant English man, who often appears in public in his prep school fashion style, once hired a street hooker. With his good-looking appearance, he can easily find a beautiful and elegant Hollywood star to have sex with. And with his financial status, he can easily make an out-call service and wait at home by hiring an elegant, high-price prostitute. However, the elegant English man chose a difficult, risky way driving a car around to hire a street hooker. This is because caste has no place in American’s society.

What is Anthony Weiner’s real sexual fantasy if he doesn’t have sex with other women?

Some men don’t like hiring sex workers because sexing up isn’t what they are looking for. Men in this case love playing a game; they love having a challenge. Hiring a sex worker is too easy—simply making a phone call, if she isn’t busy with another client, she never denies their appointments. So men in this case don’t want to have an easy step in having a sexual partner. They are often found on social network web sites, and the majority of their social network friends are female or they like hanging out in nightclubs or internet casual encounter. They like girls who are difficult. They like taking time to hook-up because it gives them a challenge, in finding way to convince her to meet. They enjoy sending emails and love the excitement when they receive a reply. They will keep the emails to read over and over like reading a romantic novel or imagine to a conversation or romantic events they had in the past while slowly masturbating alone at home. Sometimes you can read their profile from their homepage which they like reporting their luck—for example, “The last girl I hooked up with her. I had followed her for a while. I was almost successful. I was very close.—they love to be in the situation of ‘deal or no deal’. Once he is successful: the game changes as she follows him, he will simply walk away proudly as a winner and then he will find a new game player. Men in this case should not marry because when a woman accepts his proposal, the game is over.

Men who like taking their nude pics and exposing them on public web sites such as on Craiglist’s for a casual encounter, are sluts. Normally the term ‘slut’ is used with females. However, men in this case feel turned-on when their female sexual partners call them “You are my slut,” or “You are my sex slave.” This might be new knowledge for women who don’t have sex with a variety of men. Wives may never think that is their husband wants to be her slut. However, some men are eager to be a slut more than women are.

Therefore, Tiger Woods loves provocative women, Arnold loves maids, Hugh Grant loves street hookers, Anthony Weiner loves game players, you can guess that men don’t actually care how elegant and well-educated women are. Oh shit! Why Lisa has spent time in school for so long. Am I moving to the wrong direction? Actually men like sluttly girls. So I may have to learn how to open my crack and spread my legs wide open.

Being cheated on isn’t always the worst thing for married women—no woman would understand this better than one of my female friends. She had dated her boyfriend for almost 8 years. Her parents broke up when her father found a new woman. Her mother didn’t want her to end up in a marriage the same way as she had. So the daughter brought her boyfriend home to meet her mother, and tried to convince her mother not to be worried as her boyfriend was very monogamous. She had never seen once her boyfriend flirt with any woman. Her mother also liked him as his behavior and manners led her to believe that he would be ‘monogamous’. Then finally, just about to be engaged, she found out that her boyfriend is a closet gay! Now she begins to accept the infidelity when she looks around herself, her father and many families also encounter this problem.

Another case, a male escort told me that one of his regular clients said that his wife told him one day that she is very proud of him as she has never seen her husband make goo-goo eyes to any woman. However, one thing that his wife doesn’t really know is that he hires a male escort regularly.

Next time when a male celebrity gives a public apology in an infidelity case, his wife should stand proudly next to him. Don’t feel insulting but happy saying—“Thank God, my husband is a straight man. God will be proud of him because he isn’t gay.”

Males and females love different things. Men love excitement such as sexual activities and sports, while women love romantic novels and fashion shows. Men don’t like fashion shows or beauty contests although all supermodels and beauty queens are beautiful but watching strippers hanging upside down on a pole and spreading their legs 180 degrees seem to be more exciting. So, while elegant women appear too quiet, a slut can arouse men’s sexual excitement.

Because each gender loves different things, they spend money and their time indifferent ways. If you love something so much, you can’t have only one. If you are a car lover, you want to own more than one car if you can afford. Women can’t have only one pair of shoes or dresses because women love fashion so they love spending time shopping fashionable outfits, on the other hand men can have only one pair of shoes or a few shirts in their closet, because they are not crazy about fashion and they hate to wait for their wives to finish their shopping. Without understanding about the nature of each gender, it’s hard to understand why men can have only one pair of shoes but they can’t have sex with only one woman, on the other hand why can’t women have only one pair of shoes but they want to have sex with only one man.

How to increase or decrease men’s sex drive?

As many psychologists choose to solve ‘sexual addiction’ for wealthy celebrities, Lisa’s theory is easy—with no cost—for low income and middle class men who can’t afford high-priced rehab.

Imagine—if you change your lunch from noon to 2 p.m. everyday, for a certain time you will not feel hungry at noon, instead you feel hungry at 2 p.m. If you sit on the toilet every morning at 7 a.m. the same time everyday, no matter you want to poop or not, for a certain time you will be able to poop regularly at 7 a.m.

You may start having sex or watching porn once a week. Then sometimes in your life, such as during unemployment or long holiday or receive increasing salary or bonus, you have more time or more money in paying for sex or watching porn, the number of times in having sex, previously once a week, will slowly increase.

A simply way to reduce the number is like when you are on diet. If you normally have sex or watch porn seven day a week, I want you to skip one day and replace it with a new, enjoyable activity. For a certain time, you reduce from six day a week to five, four and three… I disagree when you put yourself in a rehab where they try to control and change your sex life quickly. Just like when you want to lose weight, you can’t lose 300 lbs to 150 lbs in one day. If you used to eat three big bowls of food in one meal, next day you quickly reduce your meal to only half of a small bowl, you will feel that you are very tired and very hungry. Your body doesn’t have enough time to adjust itself to a new change. Finally, you will feel that your body can’t handle anymore and want to quit. If you ask personal trainers, they don’t want you to quickly lose weight, because when you stop a diet, your weight can come back double otherwise you can develop an eating disorder. If you used to have sex seven days a week, then you stop having sex at all immediately, you would feel that you are missing something in your life and you will feel uncomfortable and that can affect to your life and job but by slowly reducing you don’t feel that you are missing anything in your life. Therefore, give enough time for your body to adjust itself until you reduce the number to the next lower level.

If you have a low sex drive, you can play with yourself while watching porn or imagining to your past sexual experiences with all your ex-girlfriends for about half an hour everyday when you go to bed, no matter whether you can ejaculate or achieve an erection or not.

A man once asked me how long could he can keep his sex drive? Many men think that ageing can cause the end of their sex drive. This is because after a few years of marriage, men have less sex or only once a while with their wives as sexing up with the same person become boring. Yet, unlike when they are young men, elderly men have less opportunity in hooking up for sex. This is why many men think that their sex life will end one day at an old age.

If you stop having sex for a long period of time, you will find that you will have a hard time to get an erection. Then if you stop having sex longer, your penis will be dead forever. How embarrassed when you are naked in front of a woman and you can’t get an erection. Therefore, keep your sex drive alive. Many men over 80 years old are still able to ejaculate.

Having sex with younger women can also help to increase your sex drive. An old man said once to his escort that “I am not young but you make me feel young.”

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