Cleaning-License Exams

August 6, 2011

One afternoon, Jessica was saying goodbye to her client, Peter, at the front door of her apartment; meanwhile another one of her clients, Paul, her next appointment, was parking his car in front of her building.

After Paul entered Jessica’s bedroom, they begin a conversation:

Paul: Hey, Jessica, do you know that guy?

Jessica: Which guy?

Paul: The guy who just left your apartment before me.

Jessica: Oh, do you mean Peter?

Paul: Right. He has a commercial cleaning company. I am just about to sign a contract with him to clean several of my office buildings.

Jessica: Are you sure he is the right guy to work in cleaning your office buildings? His ass stinks. If he doesn’t know how to clean his own ass, how can he clean your buildings?

Now Massachusetts requires all cleaning license holders to pass ‘an anal inspection’. Before we raise concerns about clean air / clean energy, the world would be cleaner if we started as individuals to clean our personal bodies. Starting today—make sure that your ass doesn’t add more pollution to our world.

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