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Your financial future is right in your palm

February 24, 2012

When I was a young kid, whoever said that they can read the future, whether professional or amateur, I would never miss visiting them, because I was curious to know my future. Over time, I learned one secret that is a simply way to read anyone’s palm to predict their financial future. Don’t think I just believed something blindly; because at the beginning I was of two different minds. However, lately as I have had the chances to read many people’s palms and now I am convinced believe in this method. I didn’t try to discover other people’s financial status, but some allowed me to read their palms. I am not a professional palm reader nor have I ever work as a psychic, so I won’t insist that you have to believe me; however, if you are interested, you can continue reading. It won’t cost you anything.

The financial line which appears on your palm does not predict the amount of money you earn, or will earn. Nor does it predict whether you will be rich or poor, but it does foretell your current & future financial stability. For instance, if you make a million dollars each month but have three million dollars in bills to pay out, this would not be considered financial stability. However, if you make 3,000 dollars each month but have bills to payoff only 2,000, then you will have the ability to save 1,000 each month for a certain period of time until you feel comfortable with your finances, this financial line will appear on your palm.

Before I tell you how to see your financial line, let’s talk a little bit about its benefits first.

In the past, I have had some people tell me that their kids planned to open a new business or invest in something, I would suggest to them to read their kids’ palm (financial line) first because if they don’t have a financial line, how will they make money with their business or investments?

If someone asks me to be his business partner, I would peek at his palm first because if my partner doesn’t have the financial stability line, how can our business make money?

If you want to marry someone, even though you don’t care about your partner’s financial status because you love him/her from your heart, the financial line can also tell how well he/she will spend (perhaps all your money.)

First, look at your palm: men look at their left palm; women look at their right palm. This is not about sex but the gender you choose to live fulltime today—man or woman. (If you live as a man but the financial line appears on your right palm, you might be wealthier if you change your gender to live as a woman.)

The financial line is the line that runs toward your middle finger. I have spent time with many wealthy business men and I find that everyone whom allows me to read their palms has this line. The deeper the line is, the more financially stable you are.

How deep of a line is considered deep? Stretch your arm as far as you can and stretch your palm as wide as you can, if you still see the line clearly, that is considered “deep enough”.

If the line appears only in lower part of your palm, it means that the stability of your finance will only be at a young age, and then as you age your finances will falter (e.g. divorce, loss of employment, etc.) Age is counted starting from the heel of your hand, closest to your wrist and moves upward.

Some individuals may have this line appear only within the upper part of their palm, closest to their fingers. This means that they will achieve financial stability at an older age.

However, if the end of your financial line breaks into between index finger and middle finger or between middle finger and ring finger or both sides, this means that you will earn a lot of money but it won’t stay with you. If you have to open a business while you have this spending line, you must be prepared to invest big money.

The financial predictor lines on your palm can changed over time: you never have a spending line, one day you may have it; you never have a financial line, one day it may appear.

For one who doesn’t have a financial line, don’t be upset. Find a sugar daddy or sugar mommy who has it. The line may not appear on your palm because you are not the person who earns money, moreover you depend on someone else’s finances, but who cares—that is one way to find financial stability too, without having a financial line.

Cartoon story—"Cougar’s palms"

Cougar Susan asks Sean to go out for a date one day. She plans to ask him to marry her as she loves him wholeheartedly. Sean is a young, good-looking man but often has troubles with his finances. His credit card debts are piled up higher than his head.

Sean: If I want a woman to marry, a young and cute guy like me has many, many women to choose from. Although you are a beautiful cougar, I am looking for a luxurious life. My mom has taught me all the time—beauty is toxic but money can buy good, healthy food.

Cougar Susan: Sean, I am not only beautiful, I also have everything for you: I own a big house with an indoor swimming pool, three Mercedes and have plenty of cash in my saving accounts.

Sean: I’ve dated with Cougars Monique, Kimberly and Mimi in the past, all of them said the same thing. But when I moved in, they had just a small studio apartment. When I asked for a Mercedes, they quickly put a subway pass in my wallet and excused that taking subway was like joining a social networks. They know a young man like me loves a great social life, rather than being private in a Mercedes. Moreover, when they had enough sucking my cock, they immediately applied a job for me at McDonald. Enough is enough! I don’t want any Cougars to lie to me anymore.

Cougar Susan: Oh my dear, please believe me. I am unlike other Cougars, I am a real billionaire. I can give you everything you want.

Sean: You can say anything but I won’t believe you until I read your palm. Show me your palm.

Cougar Susan: You don’t have to see my palm. I have seen many palm readers in the past and all they confirm that I have everything I need in my life.

Sean: I won’t believe you until I see your financial line for myself. Show me your palm!

Cougar Susan: Okay, okay, which one you want to see first?

Sean: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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