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"All stories are very fun and unique"

‘James Potts: #1 john in Boston’
(ISBN: 978-0-9841422-5-5)

(286 fun pages)

"Beyond your imagination; a collection of hilarious, unusual and extremely perverse sexual fantasies from Half-Lady Lisa’s boudoir "...(more)


"Get excited! Get perverse! I can't be bothered to write reviews, however, I read reviews others have written about something I am thinking of purchasing or acquiring, or someplace I am going to visit, to help me make a decision or to see if I will be happy. But after reading " James Potts" by author Half-Lady Lisa, I am compelled to give a review, of her book. I can relate to the subject matter of this book, and it mirrors many of my own personal sexual experiences through the years and coincidentally through the Phoenix Adult Section. It stirs up memories of experiences both good and bad, and some exceptionally sensual and vivid in my mind today. Lisa's book takes the reader into the world of sexual taboo for some, and the sexual expressions for others of us. She takes us inside that world and reveals some of the secrets and talks about things the rest of us only wonder about. Lisa's style of writing is honest, refreshing and intoxicating. She leaves no stone unturned to spark the imagination of the reader, be they experienced or novice. Each time I came away from reading, stimulated, my imagination fueled by Lisa's provocative honesty of the world of escort services and their "johns". For some this book could serve as informative and educational, almost like a training manual, for those of us more experienced or worldly, this book is like watching a movie filmed in your hometown, in that you can identify the various locations, and scenes, that filming took place, it is like that with Lisa's book, you can identify and know that you have been there, or if you have been thinking of going there you have a better idea of what to expect and what you can experience.....could there be a movie here too? If you have thought about it, Lisa talks about it. Lisa's books take you there, behind the scenes, let your imagination go. Can't wait to finish " Thai Tranny Tales " , and read the rest of her books."

‘The Psychological & Social Barriers Behind the Sexual Secrets of Straight Men’
(ISBN: 978-0-9841422-4-8)

(426 hot pages)

"I have been reading your book " Social Barriers..." , slowly. I really enjoy it a lot. I know you were curious about the language and maybe the " Rawness" of it. I don't know if you can really tell the story of the topic of men and shemales and other related topics, without using the descriptive language , and the language that is most often associated with and used between a shemale escort and her clients, and the people that she would come across on any given day. So what I am saying is that I think it adds authenticity and reality to the story you are telling. And not only that, but from a more personal prospective, I happen to like you talking like that and using that language, and being descriptive. Certainly you know that , to hear that language when in an intimate setting and situation is extremely stimulating and a form of foreplay for most of us I am sure." (more)

‘The Dark-Side of American Politics: Dog Talks’ (ISBN: 978-0-9841422-2-4)

(138 fun pages)

"I once gave away this book and I find that this book causes many critics to become boiling mad. Perhaps this may be the political book that will create high emotions. So with a kind warning from the author, you may consider praying before reading this book."

"This story is NOT written for the purpose of blaming any particular politician or any person working in politics or any particular political party. The purpose is to present another perspective of American politics in general."... (more)

‘The Complications of Love’
(ISBN: 978-0-9841422-3-1)

(208 romantic pages)

"An unconventional love story that can happen once to any straight man"

I have something special to tell you, but you have to zip your lips—Brian tells me I am weird.

I don’t think I’m weird, but rather that Brian is weird. I asked him to purchase a vitamin supplement for me. I was just asking him for a little favor, I don’t know why he got so confused. He said he scratched his head many times because he couldn’t figure it out—‘what the hell vitamin supplement would I take? One-A-Day Women OR One-A-Day Men??? ...(more)

‘Midnight Life in Chinatown’

Based upon the real-life stories of the risks, loves, lives and johns of a group of transgender prostitutes working in Boston
(ISBN: 978-0-9841422-0-0)

(135 fun pages)

"It would be difficult for ones to understand why someone earns his/her way of life with prostitution when they are the outsiders. If economics is the main reason, as people understand, for a transgender it’s just a small part of the big picture" ... (more)

‘Thai Tranny Tales’
(ISBN: 978-0-9841422-1-7)

(266 fun pages)

"A humorous collection of remarkable Thai transgender coming of age stories—as students, soldier, father and they are sex curiosity. All set in a society far different than anywhere else"...(more)

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You would never realize how difficult to make a bra. It's the most difficult thing to make in all fashion clothes categories. However, I just finish my cotton bra. It's just finish two nights before. No one sees it yet. I am excited to wear it. Now making a new jacket and will continue to make more cotton bra after finish jacket.

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