Half-Lady Lisa's injury

January 20, 2012

Daddy Pet and uncle Duckling accidentally met each other one day.

Uncle Duckling: Hey Pet, what are you doing here?

Daddy Pet: I haven’t heard anything from Lisa for a while so I decide coming here to visit her today, to see how she is doing.

Uncle Duckling: Don’t you know that Lisa would be unable to walk for a while? She can only lie down still on her bed.

Daddy Pet: Oh God! What happened to her? Is she broken heart?

Uncle Duckling: No, she isn’t. “Broken heart” is for teenager girls. Lisa has a broken leg.

Daddy Pet: How did it happen?

Uncle Duckling: Last two days, I visited her and we practiced yoga together. I may spread her legs too wide and bend her body too much; after we finished our sessions, she couldn’t get up from her bed.

Daddy Pet: Are you sure that is the yoga position. Hopefully, her butt is still able to move.

Uncle Duckling: If you want to practice yoga with her today, you need to do it slowly and gently—that's all she asks for.

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