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Should you marry—or stay single?

July 6, 2011

Have you ever wondered why some men date their girlfriend for only a short time, then rush to get married and have many kids and they seem to have a happy family; while some men have dated many different women for a long time, they seem like they can’t find the perfect one to marry?

To know whether ‘should you marry—or stay single’, first you need to understand which categories of male you are. There are many types of men but I will categorize men into two distinct types.

First is: men type 1

Type 1 men normally date their girlfriend only a short time and then quickly make a decision to marry, mostly those of young age. Moreover, they often have a child within a first year of their marriage—and then more kids coming in following years. Type 1 men don’t care about romantic relationships as boyfriend / girlfriend as much as having a big family. They like to see a big family when they go vacation together: with a wife and many kids. They look forward to becoming a grandfather; for special holidays / occasions, many sons, daughters, grandkids and great grandkids come to join a big party. Type 1 men are real family men—who don’t want to be left alone at home. They like having a big family. They love to hear the noise from kids. However, some men don’t like hearing kids’ noise—that is type 2 men.

Type 2 men are divided into 2 subcategories.

First is: men type 2.1

Men in this case are not family men because they hate being home. They like hanging out, drinking beer with their friends. Men type 2.1 are straight men who don’t like spending time with women as much as hanging around with their straight male friends—not for a sexual reason, hooking up with women is secondary to partying as number one. Most when they decide to marry a woman, marry for no particular romantic reason, or they make their decision to marry when they are unconscious - such as when being drunk, or to avoid their friends suspicions that they might be gay, or to be accepted in society as a family man or …

Second is : men type 2.2

Men in this category love dating many different women. When women push them for a marriage commitment, they often turn into ‘runaway grooms’. Like men type 2.1, they can’t be a good father because they hate being home and don’t want to have many kids. However, unlike men type 2.1, they like hanging out with women. They love to have females as their close friends rather than having many male friends. They like taking women out for dinner and a movie, shopping… I once encountered an ad posted by a man on an internet casual encounter website—“I can take you out for a dinner, pay for your shopping whatever you want but I don’t pay for sex. Escorts / prostitutes—do not contact me, please.” Furthermore, men type 2.2 when they visit their girlfriends, they often tell them that ‘I don’t want to have sex with you every time I come over to see you. I just want to say hi and make sure that your life is okay or whether you have anything that I can help with…’

Normally men love having sex—why don’t men type 2.2 enjoy having sex?

It’s because type 2.2 men are like the reincarnated Shakespeare—composing romantic novels for their lives is their sexual fantasy; however they can’t compose a romantic novel without females. They love sitting down in a fancy restaurant and holding hands with their girlfriend, or having her lean her head on his shoulder at the movie theater, or having a long romantic conversation... They like to flatter women until they fly to the heaven with such accolades as ‘you are so beautiful, you have a good heart. I have never met anyone like you…’ They know well the nature of women that women love being flattered so men type 2.2 will start the introduction until women are in romantic mood, they will help men complete the novel.

At home, they will fantasize by putting all the scenes together in one story—what Angie, Lilly, Nicole, Jennifer,…have said to them at the restaurant, while their hands are slowly masturbating.

Another sexual fantasy is: type 2.2 men love showing off their girlfriends. Men in this case will date only attractive and beautiful women. If a man loves to just have sex with women and then flee, sexual energy is the limitation for the number of women he can date at a time. If a man loves to pay for sex, his finances are the limitation for the number of female sex workers / escorts he can hire in a given period of time. The number of women that type 2.2 men can date however are infinite; because first they don’t want to have sex every time they meet their girlfriends so their sexual energy will not be consumed, second when they do not have enough money to go out dinner and a movie, just making romantic conversation with their girlfriend is priceless. Because they love both a large quantity and a high quality of women, men in this case sometimes love to take 4-5 attractive girls to dinner together (if any girl they date can bring their female friends to join them for dinner is a plus). They like other men to be jealous that they are only one man at the dining table, surrounded by many beautiful women—regardless of their financial situation, they don’t mind paying—hosting a big dinner party for many beautiful women is their fantasy.

So now you have an idea who should / shouldn’t marry.

Type 1 men are normally good fathers. They love to stay home and they care of their kids and wife. However, if / when adultery occurs at some point in their marriage, type 1 men are most likely to pay for sex, because they don’t want to have another relationship. They just want to have sex and go with no strings attached. They want to have love relationship with only one woman at a time, and have kids with only one woman at a time, unless they are divorced.

Type 2 men should not marry because they don’t like being home and they don’t want to take care of any kids. They also enjoy having relationships with many different women at the same time. Type 2 men used to tell me often they don’t understand why they are not happy in their marriages.

If cheating happen at some times in the marriage, type 2.1 men will be likely to have a sexual relationship with other genders, besides women.

Although type 2.2 men declare that they don’t want to have sex every time, a wife can’t be happy with a husband in this category because every time and everywhere he goes, if he encounters an attractive woman, Shakespeare’s spirit will immediately exorcise him. Actually men in this category don’t want to get married, but something forces them to marry for example to be accepted within society, or for financial reasons.

However, after marriage, romance goes down constantly (especially, when as the wife gets older)—Shakespeare just can’t compose a romantic novel anymore with his wife to fulfill his sexual fantasy so Shakespeare has to find other beautiful women to continue his romance. Unlike men type 1, men type 2.2 don’t want to pay for having sex, so they will have many secret long term relationships with many mistresses (and perhaps also children out-of-wedlock, followed as they are used to tie knot).

Men type 2.2 love dating only attractive women because their beauty helps his Shakespeare-like romantic words come out smoothly—naturally—dating unattractive women won’t benefit their sexual fantasy. At a young age, they did not have a hard time finding attractive women. However, what will they do when they are old?

As they age, an attractive woman is harder to find, men type 2.2 will then decide to contact / hire escorts; as most escorts are attractive, although they previously insisted that they didn’t want escorts to contact them when they were young men, it now becomes necessary in their old age. How do they start?

First, they will hire the same escort frequently. Normally escorts love repeated and generous clients so their relationship is built up high quickly. Then they will call the escort and begin to use the relationship to pay for the service, for example—“I don’t have money today and also I don’t have much time—can I come by just to say hello? I just want to see your face—that’s all…” Or “I don’t want to have sex today but can we take a walk…” As the escort doesn’t want to lose her regular client, she will allow him to come over to say hi. For a few times, she will notice that her regular client doesn’t want to pay anymore. Remember—men type 2.2 don’t want to have sex but they just want to come to see her beautiful face and recite to her his new Shakespeare’s poem—and because of that, they believe romantic conversation is priceless. When the escort reveals she knows the trick, men type 2.2 will disappear—for a very, very long time. Until some day the escort will receive a surprise call from them. The call is made just to find out whether she still wants to be in their romantic novel. Somehow, it might be commonsense but they all often start the conversation with—“hi, how are you? Do you remember me? I haven’t seen you for a while. But let me tell you first why I didn’t come to see you…

“I have been traveling a lot this past year.” (This is the most popular reason.)

“I moved…and now I have come back…” (This is the second place.)

Next, they will add an incentive, for example “I just sold a big house in England, my dad gave to me. I made a lot of money.” Or “I just opened a new business. I am very busy.” Or “I got a new (higher paying) job.”

Then finally, they will come to the conclusion—“do you have time today for a dinner? I really want to hook up with you.”

If she says “yes”—it means that this Shakespeare will begin to publish a new novel with his former actress. However, if she says “no”—it means that the publisher hasn’t accepted his new novel, then he will have to look for other publishers.

Would you be lonely when getting old—if you chose not to marry?

***Remember—“When you feel lonely, it’s because you are not busy enough.”***

Imagine—you have to present your work tomorrow morning and you believe that to get the job done, you need to work all night. In this busy situation, you don’t want even to hear or see your kids running around you. Yet, you even feel bothered. Are you busy enough? If you are not busy enough, why don’t you find a second job? Many men end up bankrupt from getting divorced, but having a second job always increases your income. Once I asked a 45-year-old wealthy man--"why are you still single?" He replied--"No time for girlfriend."

People like looking at what other people have while and feel upset / jealous that they have less than others. If you hang out with people who own cars, they often talk about the good things about owning a car. They will make you feel upset that you are only one in the group who has no car and because you want to be accepted within this group, you struggle to buy one. Finally, reality reveals itself: bad things such as having a hard time paying for the auto loan, speeding tickets, premium gas prices, etc. people then stop talking about, because they don’t want others to laugh at them that they had made a mistake. If you are in this case, why don’t you choose to hang out with people who have the same marital status and material goods that you have?

Marriage: some men told me that they actually didn’t want to marry, but if they didn’t marry, as they got older, people around them: friends and family, would think that they were gay. Being gay or straight is not defined by marriage; there are many gay men who marry women, while there are many straight men who choose never to marry. Some straight men may want to live alone. Just like when you rent an apartment, you have the choice to live alone or take a roommate: this doesn’t involve being gay or straight.

Some men think that marriage will lead them to a happier life. As they often see couples who are joyful on their wedding day. Think this way—people always have fun at a wedding party—but, life after the wedding party may be different.

Some men believe they are good-looking, have a good job, and expect to have a good future; everything seems to be perfect, except one thing is missing—a wife and kids. Then they look around—all their friends are married and they keep urging them to marry also. Marriage may make some men’s lives perfect; however it can give others a big scar. If you have less than other people and this makes you less perfect, sometimes this is better than having a big scar. Marriage is not a fad that you partake of because you want to follow the crowd, and marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy life but it just gives you another lifestyle, so think consciously before marriage, just as once you decide to cut off a price tag, retail stores won’t honor them for a return merchandise.

Now men know 'should they marry or stay single'? Or another way -- my article may help some men too late. For women, they would now have an idea which type of men are they looking to marry with? Or another way -- some women may think--it might be better for their lives if they become lesbians!

Cartoon story—"catching a big fish"

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