Pres. Obama’s favorite book

August 26, 2011

Pres. Obama took a vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. He visited a local bookstore and bought three books. After he finished buying books, he walked out to meet the crowd. There were local people and reporters waiting excitedly in front of the bookstore to have a close look, talk and take his photos.

A CNN reporter: Pres. Obama, what kind of books did you buy here?

Pres. Obama: I am interested in green energy. We should move the country forward to the future by investing more on green energy, to become energy independent. For the future, any country that invests in green energy will lead the world’s market…

Meanwhile, the bookstore seller yelled at the President from the front door.

Bookstore seller: President Obama! President Obama! You forget to buy one book.

The bookstore seller hands him ‘Thai Tranny Tales’ by Half-Lady Lisa. The President stared at the green dress photo on its cover and exclaimed loudly!

Pres. Obama: That’s what I am talking about! This green dress photo is the symbol of the future’s green energy. Look at Half-Lady Lisa, she can produce her own energy and she can become energy independent. While holding Thai Tranny Tales book, I already feel I have more energy.

Another reporter: President Obama, do you agree with the Republicans that the government needs to have deep budget cut?

Pres. Obama: I disagree. Not everything can be cut.

Reporter: Like what?

Pres. Obama: Like the thing underneath the green dress, it can’t be cut off because it is the hard core of green energy.

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