Pres. Obama’s secret service

April 15, 2012

Jack: Hey, John, did you read the news two days ago?

John: What happened?

Jack: President Obama’s secret service hired prostitutes in Colombia. The allegation was brought to light when one cheap guy didn’t pay his prostitute fee. Their loud argument over the fee caused the whole group of the secret service also in troubles.

John: Oh yeah, I heard about that too. But I think they do a great job in Colombia.

Jack: Are you crazy?! Why do you think they do a great job!?!

John: Do you know—why did President Obama visit Colombia?

Jack: He went there to talk about America’s trade.

John: That’s right. So he sent the secret service to do first introduction before he arrived in Colombia about what Americans want to include in our future trade. You have to understand that these secret service agents don’t have knowledge about import & export so only one thing they would know best about trade is a sex trade.

Jack: But they are secret service so they should focus on their jobs by protecting President Obama.

John: Prostitutes are also secret service. These guys were very careful. In case if a big violence happened and because there were not enough secret service agents to protect President Obama, they will borrow these girls’ hands to help protecting the President—that’s why I think that they did a great job. By hiring these prostitutes to do job interviews helped American’s secret service understand how they could work together as a team and to know better which girls were enthusiasm for the jobs—therefore, some girls got paid but unfortunately one didn’t pass the job interview.

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