The high risk of taking steroids

July 21, 2011

Mr. A: I’m really jealous at Mr. Aaron. He just won the ‘2011 World Extreme Muscle Mania’. Look at all those girls, they are drooling over his fantastic body.

Mr. B: Don’t be jealous of him unless you know the risks he is taking being on steroids. Those girls do not realize what the future of Mr. Aaron’s sex life will be.

Mr. A: I have heard that people say taking steroids will cause a man’s balls to shrink.

Mr. B: That isn’t the biggest risk, Mr. A. Big balls or small balls don’t affect a men’s sexual performance.

Mr. A: If not, can you tell me what the risks of taking steroid are?

Mr. B: Come with me. We can see the truth behind the closed door of his bedroom.

In Mr. Aaron’s bedroom,

Mr. A: OH MY GOD!!! Is that Mr. Aaron?!? How come he is bent over, with his ass lifted up high, like a mountain, while thumb-sucking? Look at his ass—it is gapped wide open for that female dominatrix to penetrate him with a strap-on. His face is very rapturous. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Behind the closed door of his bedroom, a strong man, like Mr. Aaron, loves being in the submissive bottom position!

Mr. B: Let me explain something to you—when men start taking steroids, their sphincter-muscles are tight and fit so there is no room for anything to fit inside. When they stop taking steroids, however, their sphincter muscles begin to loosen—like you had pulled out all the stuffing of a soft pillow.

Mr. A: I have always thought that an over-masculine appearance suggests that a man loves to be only in the top position; while a more effeminate appearance suggests a bottom.

Mr. B: No. Top or bottom isn’t based upon a man’s masculinity or femininity, but rather on the diameter of his ass-ring. An over-masculine man can sometimes be a bottom and effeminate one can possibly be a top. Also, being a top or bottom doesn’t depend on straight / gay genders as well, as people normally think, but rather the sensitivity of his ass.

Mr. A: Wow, that is a huge risk of taking steroids! That’s why steroids are banned in America, before all American men turn into bottoms.

Mr. B: Finally, a masculine or feminine appearance has nothing to do with a man being either gay or straight: straight men sometimes can look feminine while gay men can look even more masculine than straight men.

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