Tim's Tegirl

February 7, 2012

Tim is the most handsome football player who chooses to remain virgin until marry. Everyday he practices ‘kneeling down’ everywhere he goes to make sure that when it is the time for him to propose a woman to marry, he will do a perfect pose, but people thought that he prays to God.

Finally, one day he meets the right woman. While he is kneeling down in front of her, …

Tim: Would you like to marry me?

Sophia: Oh, Tim. I would love to marry you but we have never had sex together. Are you sure I am the right woman for you. I think we should have sex together first, at least once, to know more about each other before making the decision.

Tim: I will not have sex until marry because I don’t marry you for sex. I love you all my heart.

Sophia: Okay, I will marry you.

First night, inside their bedroom,

Tim: Oh My God! Why don’t you tell me that you are a T-girl !!!

Sophia: I already suggest you to have sex before marry but you say that you don’t marry me for sex. This should not be my fault. Like when buying clothes, smart men choose to try them on before buying but you choose to buy before trying. Look at Tom Brady, after having sex with the first woman, he just found out that she wasn’t the right woman for him. Every man has something to learn about choosing the right woman to marry. ‘Having a beautiful woman to marry’ doesn’t mean you will also have a clean pussy and ass. In the same way, ‘a handsome man’ doesn’t mean his ass is as clean as his face and it has no guarantee that every young, sturdy man must have a functional cock. Also a couple’s sexual fantasies need to be matched; a polite man can be sadist in bed—never try, never know. These are very important in choosing the right woman to marry. Stop crying, Tim, and look at me…

Tim: I can’t marry you. Look at your cock, it is bigger than mine. It makes me feel like I am intimidated by your cock.

After the first night, Tim still practices kneeling down as this iconic pose has so much meaning for his life. It can be useful for,
  1. praying to God
  2. proposing a woman to marry
  3. crying out when his wife isn’t the right woman.

Tip for kneeling down: Put soft material under your knees to prevent skin from being calloused.

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