Tony can cook.

November 15, 2011

Tony visits a Farmer’s Market one afternoon to shop for some vegetables.

Farmer: How are you today? May I help you—what kinds of vegetables are you looking for?

Tony: Uh,…I don’t have anything in mind. I am just looking to see what you have here.

Farmer: I have different kinds of vegetables and fruits—zucchini, string beans, bananas, egg plant, etc. Tell me what you plan to cook for your dinner, maybe I can make some suggestions for you.

Tony: I like something spicy. I like to feel a little bit of a burn.

Farmer: Great! I have a Thai chili. It’s very-very spicy.

Tony: Uh…no. Your Thai chili is too small.

Farmer: Oh, I also have Sweet Bell peppers. They are bigger but not as spicy as Thai chili.

Tony: No, thanks. I see you have cucumbers too.

Farmer: Ooh, right. How do you like to cook cucumbers?

Tony: I like to put olive oil on them. I like when it’s very oily. May I try it?

Farmer: Sure. All my vegetables are sweet and fresh from the farm.

Tony: Do you have olive oil for me too?

Farmer: Sure, here you go.

Farmer: Oh My God!!! What are you doing?

Tony: I want to feel it before I buy it to see which size of cucumber fits perfectly my ass. The last time I bought one, it seemed too small; my ass couldn’t feel anything.

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