The Number of Rings

February 7, 2012

In a biology class, Professor Kent takes his students to see variety of trees in a rain forest.

Professor Kent: Today I take all of you here to learn how to tell age of trees. Who can tell me how to know age of trees?

Student Cody: I guess that we can count the numbers of rings—the more rings, the older age.

Professor Kent: Very good, Cody. That’s right—the number of rings can tell age of trees.

Student Bill: Professor, and how can we know female celebrities’ age? They often use BOTOX so it’s hard to tell their ages.

Professor Kent: To know celebrities’ age, you have to count 'the number of their ex-husbands'. Then the number of their ex-husbands will tell you the number of their rings (usually one husband per one wedding ring) they own (or used to own.)

Student Bill: Professor, why is that?

Professor Kent: It is because when a wife gets older, her husband wants to re-marry with a younger female celebrity—and that is the sign of getting older.

Student Bill: That’s why people often hear about celebrities’ breakups. Actually, that’s their processes of getting older. Uh, Professor, what’s about Half-Lady Lisa, she says she changes her partners everyday?

Professor Kent: Umm, she is probably older than ten thousand years or she may be born in Stone Age.

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