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December 1, 2014

It’s my nature!

I am a very shy person, quiet and tidy, especially in my childhood. I remember, I really don’t like standing in front of a class and on stage, especially when I have been asked to perform and in front of camera for photo shoots. People may find that this is my problem.

However, I disagree; the shyness isn’t a problem in my case. You don’t know that when a kid grows up, what will happen in her life and how her life would be changed, and to which direction. Who would believe, when it never gives anyone a sign, that one day a very shy person will accidentally work in escort service, yet she is even more successful than many escorts who grow up without shyness. The shyness and the escort service which are in opposite directions like on the left and right, in order to be consisted of a person’s life, make their ways until they find a balance point.

IF at the beginning of my life I was flashy and had no feeling of embarrassment in presenting myself in front of a crowd, the flashy personality will double to today’s life as an escort. The result is that you would see my ‘green dress’ photo in different way because I would think that I have no need to wear a dress. But why don’t I just simply take off my clothes, masturbate my erected cock and show my asshole photo on internet or make a strip show on streets after bars closed because at the double degree I would be completely no shame. But because the two contrast parts work together, my shyness pulls a punch to softer the degree of my sexual idea.

Besides the shyness and the sexual interest from escort service, some parts of my life are suffering while some parts are happiness. If only the suffering parts dominate my entire life, my works would appear in negative such as very sad and serious or they can be presented in a way that is too violent to others. The suffering parts of life give energy and heat, only a perfect amount is put into works.

Arts reflect personalities of the artist.

All parts of life: positive&negative and shyness&sexual interest, fun&sadness, etc., will be digested. Each person takes different amount of times to digest all the contrast sides. At the right time, the final result of the digestion will slowly reveal through the emotion. The emotion of the artist will reflect through his/her artworks. An interesting piece of art means that the artist has the right emotion/feeling (a good sense) which is happened at a balance point. In another word, the artist has already discovered where the central point between a street hooker and a conservative professor is. Negative side doesn’t always mean bad and the positive doesn’t always mean perfect.

Comparing to cooking, you can measure all the ingredients in order to cook a perfect meal. In mixing colors, to get the right color, you can measure the percentages of each color to be blended. For a person, no one can predict the final emotion that how much the contrast parts of life: suffering and happiness, shyness and sexual interest etc., a person should have throughout his/her life to be blended in order to get a perfect balance point or a right feeling. It’s all about the luck or it’s in hand of God. A right feeling of an artwork gives the audiences an impression, falling in love to the work and become addicted to the idea.

Arts is to blend/compose harmoniously of variety of such as objects and forms, different colors, sounds from different kinds of musical instruments, verity of tastes, and what I just explain earlier is positive and negative feelings. However, don’t miss this part that male and female genders are also important matters in creating a right feeling (a balance point).

I many times ask myself when I don’t know the artist that is this piece of art created by a male or female artist. If the answer is that I don’t feel whether it looks more masculine or feminine or it’s a long pause if I have to guess, it doesn’t mean the artist is gay but he has a good sense in balancing masculine and feminine sense (not too aggressive and not too submissive). However, for some works I prefer to see one gender slightly dominate another. (Exact center point doesn’t always mean a perfection in every case.)

If asking someone to interpret male and female ideas into an artwork, likely you are expecting to see is that, for example blue color is to represent male and pink is to represent female, or curved line/ soft forms and solid objects to represent each gender etc. However, it isn’t wrong but the interpretation is too superficial. So what’s the difference between male and female idea.

A guy asks me that why I don’t write a romance novel as he often sees women like reading romance novels. Men may find that soft porn don’t impress them as much as extreme pornography, and prostitutes. Next, what else women like—women like fashion shows, beauty contest; these put men to sleep then they will wake up whenever they get to a strip club. Women don’t like jackass guys and kinky stuffs; they don’t like things that shake their emotions too much. They prefer their emotions stay calm and peaceful. Men like being jackass, kinky and things that can pump their hearts excitingly. If men ask women that should they show their penises, women would say that a penis looks disgusting, so please do not take of underwear. In opposite, if asking men the same question, they would say that women should take all clothes off. Masculine idea gives a strong sense, a power and strength and a high weight in a top level which is out of female's interest. Female's nature, in contrast, softens the high degree of masculine.

So, where is the balance point between male and female ideas and how they can be blended together?

By looking at an example of how David Statue of Michelangelo becomes successful. David Statue is presented in an extreme and obvious pornography, except it doesn’t yet get to the climax in the level of masturbation/ejaculation, a high reach of masculine level of interest. Feminine sense of the sculpture pulls back a bit the strong punch of the extreme degree of pornographic idea. David is posed in a soft, artful feminine, organic curved line. Regardless to his body, his feminine face and curly hair makes his gender is hard to be identified whether the sculpture is male or female.

To find a balance point of male and female gender is to turn the jackass, kinkiness and extreme aggression of masculine idea into a soft/beautiful/classic way. Women also can help men. Men give women their ideas but sometimes they can’t find a soft side. If women don’t like the male ideas, they can change them into the way they like. Don’t deny male ideas because we have to find a way that how the two contrast genders can be blended together to create the right feeling—the feeling that gives impression to all genders and the balance point where all genders’ ideas and interests can be fitted in one spot.

What is the difference between nudity and art?

Imagine—you watch a boring romance movie; a plain and simple story, this type of soap opera-like story you have watched many times like a guy tried to flirt a girl in many ways (sometimes asks friends for help) until the end she is softer and falls in love to him and gets marry for happy ending (a Cinderella fairy tale for adult). However, what make you watch this soap opera is that you hear from a bunch of friends and social network discussions that actor/actress (either one or both) will show off his/her penis/pussy in a fifteen-second scene of audiences’ interest. Can this movie be an art movie?

Look--pornographic movies also have boring stories. Their stories are very short (perhaps only fifteen seconds). It is like a short introduction to tell you that why these porn stars have to be naked. Many men always skip this part because the stories are not interesting at all.

Nudity is not a bad thing. Arts and films can contain nudity. However, as nudity gives a strong feeling, to dominate it Arts and films must contain a new interesting ideas and concepts so nudity only acts as a part of the story/artwork to help making the story/artwork completed (rather than pulling all the audiences’ attention to become a main conceptual idea). In contrast, in porn movies, nudity dominates the entire concept—the concept aims to arouse sexual feeling. The stories have no meaning in porn movies but only act as a part of making the pornography completed.

It doesn’t mean you can’t contain nudity in your work. I personally love to see nudity in artworks/movies. If I had a chance to make a film one day, I will include extreme nudity in my work also, like giving a huge bonus to audiences, a big discount for a ticket & DVD. Nudity makes movies interesting but only don’t make people feel like they pay for two-hour movie to watch a fifteen-second scene. I think many people like watching nudity but only they want film makers give them an interesting story to skip telling other people about nudity because it is embarrassed to tell friends and family that nothing is new in the story but only guys/girls are naked all over the place. In general speaking, sexual contents are great when people can avoid saying. Be discreet!

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