Doctor--it's the wrong hole!

January 8, 2012

Andy and Marie come to visit Doctor Richard, a plastic surgeon, in his office.

Doctor Richard: What can I help you with today?

Andy: Our sex life isn’t fun anymore, unlike when we were first married.

Doctor Richard: Explain to me, what is it like today?

Andy: When we were first married, we enjoyed having sex together very much. She was the best; I always felt that I was entering a tight, tight passageway, obtaining a full feeling—like an earthworm that crawls underground, fit and tight. Now that feeling is gone. Everything seems to be loose, like walking thru a wide tunnel. Even though, she has tried different positions to help me, it doesn’t work.

Marie is tearful while listening to her husband.

Doctor Richard: Umm, I understand. How long both of you have been married?

Andy: We have been married for five years.

Doctor Richard: How many kids do you have?

Andy: We have three kids, Doctor.

Doctor Richard: That’s why. It should be the right time to do plastic surgery. Okay, now follow me to the operation room.

Andy follows close behind the doctor.

Doctor Richard: Oh, no! no! Andy, you wait here. I meant for your wife to follow me to the operation room. I will repair her vagina to be tighter; to bring back your sex life.

Andy: Doctor, you misunderstood. My wife’s pussy is fine—but what’s loose is my "ass".

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